Friday, 31 August 2012

Using Peanut Butter to Remove Glue

Afternoon Everyone!

Peanut Butter Glue Removal

Since exploring the blogging world I have come across so many blogs that I absolutely love.  One of my all time favourites is One Good Thing by Jillee because she has so many helpful household tips.

A tip that I couldn't wait to try out was using peanut butter to remove that annoying glue off of jars before reusing them.

I was very impressed at how well it worked.  After applying the peanut butter I left the jar on the bench for a few hours (because I was worried about ants having an overnight feast if I left it out) and then washed it up with warm soapy water.  The glue came off so easily.  It was easier than rubbing it with eucalyptus oil.

So now, not only will I be supporting Aussie Peanut Growers by buying Dick Smith's but I will be having simple, no fuss, easily cleaned bottles.  Now to make some more Passionfruit Skin Jam...

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