Friday, 3 August 2012

Painted Glass Lantern

A f t e r n o o n   E v e r y o n e !

As I have moved recently I have rediscovered some glass bottles that I had collected years and years ago.  Since I am trying to convince my husband that I am not a hoarder I thought that it was time to do what I said I was going to do years ago and paint them, put in some tealight candles and use them as glass lanterns. 

To make this glass lantern you will need:
Glass paint (I used Jones Tones Metallic Bronze)
PVA Glue
Food Dye
Paint Brush
Sponge Brush

1. Paint a stripe around the bottom of the jar. This will need 3-4 coats.

2. Use the applicator on the tube to place dots along the stripe.

3. Place more dots in any pattern you like.  I chose triangles. After completing this project I realised that bigger dots with space between them looks better than small dots close together.

4. Paint a stripe on top of the jar.
5. Place dots in any pattern that you like.  Above is a picture of what I did.

6. Mix the food dye (I used green and blue) with the PVA glue and sponge it onto the inside of the glass.  Remember that the PVA glue will dry clear.  The above photo is of my lantern when it was wet.

6. Pop in a tealight candle and now you have a pretty glass lantern.

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