Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Online Shopping Discounts

Afternoon Everyone!

I love online shopping and I love discounts. Today I got a surprise email from my telephone company with a link to lots of promotional codes.  Weird, right? So I thought, why not share the love.  To get the discount the usual requirement is to enter the code into the promotional/validation section when checking out.  However, I am not sure of the expiry dates.

Photobooks R Us - 10% off. Code: infinite
Boomerang Books - $5 off. Code: infiniterewards
Aushen (Promotional Corporate Gifts)- 5% off. Code: Infinite
Esunnies - Enter INFINITE as the discount code on the registration page when you join the eSunnies website to receive 15% off.
Royal Tag - 10% off. Code: INFINITE2012
Socks 'N' Jocks - 20% off. Code: infiniterewards
Ties 'N' Cuffs - 20% off. Code: infiniterewards
Amante (Gold and Silver Jewellery) - 15% off. Code: infinite
Abi and Joseph (gym clothes) - 10% off. Code: infiniterewards
Shirt and Tie - 20% off. Code: 20REWARDS
Sue Rice Swimwear Australia - 20% off all full price items.  Sign up as a VIP and add Activation Key infiniteswimwearrewards
Accessory World - 15% off. Code:  INFIREW
Vein (Custom men’s and women’s shoes) - 10% off. Code: infinite10
Kitty Croquet Shoes - 10% off. Code: infinite10
First Ray (organic food) - 15% off. Code: Rewards
Clean Skins (wine) - 10% off. Code:  infinite
Hip Kids - 10% off. Code: INFREWARDS
Vintage Kid Australia - 15% off. Code: INFINITEREWARDS2011
Gr8Toys - 15% off. Code: INR11
Haggus and Stookles (toys) - 10% off. Code: InfiniteRewards
Toy Connect - 10% off. Code: RW36
Cool Gifts - 10% off. Code: INFINITE10
Latest Buy - 10% off. Code: INFINITEGIFTS
Pamper Hamper Gifts - 8% off. Code: infinite8
Break of Day Gift Baskets - 10% off. Code: b189e7
Efragrance - 15% off. Code: INFINITE208
ECOYA Botany Bay - 20% off. Code: 20offPromo
Fresh Fragrance & Cosmetics - 10% off. Code: infiniterewards

I hope that you find these useful.  If you know of any more, let me know and I will add them to the list.

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