Friday, 24 August 2012

Passionfruit Skin Jam


Did you know that passionfruit skins contain pectin so they are perfect to make jam with.  This recipe is an old family favourite that I have enjoyed for years on my morning toast.  It is made with the white pulp of passionfruit skins. I just love recipes that use ingredients that we usually throw away.  Passionfruit jam tastes very different to what is expected but it is oh so delicious!

Passionfruit Skin Jam
6 passionfruit skins
2 cups sugar
2 passionfruits

Put the passionfruit skins in a saucepan and cover with water.

Make sure that they have been flipped over so that the while pulp is facing down.
 Boil on low until the skins of the passionfruits look full and plump.  If your passionfruit is of the purple variety it will change colour to a deep purple.  Yellow passionfruit change into a light yellowly colour.  This may take about 1 hour.  Allow to cool and put the skins and water in the fridge overnight so that they will take on more water.
Scoop out the soft part of the skins with a spoon and discard the outer skin.  
Be careful not to get any of the outer skin into the jam as it has the texture of eggshell and therefore won't taste very nice.  
Dice up the pulp to the consistency that you like in your jam.  I like chunky bits so I dice mine up into 5mm squares.   Combine the diced pulp with the left over water until you have 2 cups.  
Combine with 2 cups of sugar.  Bring to the boil and boil for 15-20mins checking that the jam has reached the right consistency by putting a drop on a cold saucer that has been kept in the fridge.  I like my jam a little bit runny so that it soaks into the toast.  If you like thicker jam; boil for longer.  Make sure that every time the jam is checked, the saucepan is taken off the heat so that it doesn't continue to cook.  Once it has reached the desired consistency, add the seeds of 2 passionfruit. Pour into warm jars. Allow to cool for a while before putting the lids on and placing them in the fridge.

This is a batch that I made with yellow passionfruit.  It had a different taste, more like a marmalade.  If you are not a fan of chunky jam the pulp and water can be pureed before adding the sugar and boiling.



  1. I've never heard of Passionfruit jam before, sounds interesting :)

    I'm a new follower, originally a liker from your FB page.

  2. My son and I made the Passion fruit jam, and it was fantastic!!
    The only thing is that it was extremely sweet... I had a hard time figuring out exactly how much water to use. I added juice from 3 lemons, and it came out really good!
    Thanks for the tip on keeping a cold saucer in the fridge for testing the jam. We kept it in the freezer, and it was great!!
    Question: Is there any way to make the jam with less sugar and keep the consistency?
    There are a few people I would love to share this with, but they are diabetic.
    Here is a Tip: I kept tearing the skin when I used the spoon, so I penetrated the pulp with my thumb pad, kept pressure against the skin, and as I rotated the fruit, I was able t lift and separate the pulp without tearing the skin.
    Tip #2: We used the remaining water from boiling the fruit, and it made great Passion Fruit iced tea!!

  3. October 2015 at 18:20

    I have never made passion fruit jam ,I am so glad that I found this recepy because I grow passion fruit right in my garden here in Northern California in Humboldt County .Passion fruit is a very favorite in our Portuguese culture.

  4. Thank you and please continue your blog. Everyone couldn't believe passion fruit jam was possible. So now that they tasted it they want to try making it.

  5. tinamacharia@gmail.com10 August 2017 at 05:33

    Hi Marie Ann,
    can't wait to try it once I am in a passionfruit country,
    Have you tried different flavour combinations, and can you Store it for a year, as with pectin conserved jams at roomtemp.? Is it a 2 parts fruits/ 1 Part sugar Recipe? Really how much water, lemonjuice?


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