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Lava and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

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Beaded Bracelet

In this post I would like to talk about eye pins.  Eye pins are very similar to head pins but instead of having a flattened head on the end it has a loop.  They are used to link up beads easily.  Today, I will show you how to make a simple bracelet using eye pins.

Often when I make jewelry, I start with one type of bead and then find other beads that match.  Today, I started with lava beads.  These are very lightweight black beads that are made from cooled molten rock.  Because they are so lightweight they can be used to make chunky jewellery without having to worry about it being too heavy.  I chose blue and clear Swarovski crystals to represent the lava rock and the ocean.  I believe that nature know best when it comes to colour.  I used this picture as inspiration. -->

To make this bracelet you will need:
Tools: Flat Nose Pliers
          Side Cutters
          Round Nose Pliers
          Chain Nose Pliers
Findings: Eye Pins
              Magnetic Clasp
Beads: Lava Disc Beads (18mm)
           Crystal Bicone Swarovski
           Beads   (6mm)
           Sapphire Bicone Swarovski
           Beads (6mm)

To assemble the bracelet:
Lava Bead
1. Thread the bead onto the eye pin.
2. Trim the eye pin using the side cutters to 1 cm.

3. Bend the wire to a 45° angle either using your fingers or your flat nose pliers.
 4. Using your round nose pliers roll the wire to form a loop.
 5. Make the two loops at each end of the bead line up by straightening them with your flat nose and chain nose pliers.
6. Open the loops of the eye pins to the side using your chain nose pliers.  Never open them up the way that you have just rolled it or the wire will become weak and you will loose the integrity of the loop. Join on the bead and close the loop.
7. Add on the magnetic clasp.  Open the loops to the side, thread on the clasp and close.
For more details about how to roll a loop check out my Easy As Earrings post.  Don't worry if they don't look perfect the first time, they do take a bit of practise.  If you cut the wire a little too long your loop will not sit right.  To fix this use your side cutters and trim a few millimetres off of the end and continue the roll.
Use as many beads as you need to fit your wrist.  I used 5 lava beads and 6 Swarovski beads.  You may need more or less.  Just measure it along your wrist as you are making it.  It is sometimes hard to know just how long to make a bracelet for a friend.  Making memory wire bracelets may solve this problem, although I do think that these beaded chain bracelets look more elegant.
You can also use any clasp that you wish I just find the magnetic clasp easier to put on.  However, if the bracelet is heavy a magnetic clasp is not the best option as the bracelet may fall off.  A parrot clasp may be best.

Happy Beading!

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