Friday, 4 May 2012

Glass and Mirror Cleaner

Afternoon Everyone!

This is my shower screen.   I know what you are thinking: “Oh no, that can be real!”.  Well it is, and that’s because living in the outback means that often the town water is bore water (as it is here).  Our bore water has a lot of calcium in it and this is what it does to our shower screen.  When the water dries it leaves yellowy white marks everywhere and it is downright annoying!  So since I’m trying to change my cleaning with chemicals habit I had to try and find a Glass and Mirror Cleaner that is good enough to tackle this problem.  After a bit of research I came across this recipe.

Glass and Mirror Cleaner
1 cup filtered water
1/8 cup rubbing alcohol
1/8 cup white vinegar

Mix ingredients together in a spray bottle. Use newspapers or a lint free cloth to clean glass and mirrors.

I have to say that this recipe worked just as well as bought glass cleaners.  I still need to use a scouring pad to scrub off all of the calcium but it wasn’t any more or less cleaning than what I usually have to do.  I also used this mixture on the mirror and it came up beautifully after just one spray and wipe.

So, all in all, I am very impressed with this recipe and I know that I will definitely be using it again.  I tried to take a picture of the clean glass shower screen for you but couldn’t because the camera wouldn’t focus on it.  Instead, here is a picture of the view from our bathroom window through the shower screen!

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