Friday, 26 October 2012

Recycled Bottle Toy

Afternoon Everyone!

Everyday my little 9 month old girl wants to explore something new.  According to her all of her toys are old news.  But one of her all time favourite toys is an ocean in the bottle that we made at playgroup months ago using dyed water, baby oil and shells.  She can shake it, listen to it rattle, watch the shells and best of all roll it along the floor and crawl after it.  And sometimes because we have uneven floors it even comes rolling back to her.  What fun!

So I decided to make her another one.  A green one with pretty girly things in it.  Not that she really cares how girly it is, just as long as it is interesting.

To make a Recycled Bottle Toy you will need colourful objects that fit in a waterbottle, glitter, food dye, water and baby oil.  I only used baby oil as it is clear.  Vegetable oil will work well too.

Here are the things that I used:
Plastic Flowers
Wishing Stones (those melted marble looking things)
Plastic Gems
Plastic Safety Pin Embellishment
Plastic Baby Bottle Embellishments
Pink Star Table Scatters
Gold Glitter
Organza Fabric (cut into little pieces)

To make the Recycled Bottle Toy:

1. ¾ fill a plastic bottle with water.

2. Add food dye.  I always add too much so I just dipped a skewer into the food dye bottle and then into the water.  I repeated this until I had reached my desired shade of green.

3. Add all of the objects and glitter.

4. Top up with baby oil. Hot glue gun the lid shut so that little hands don't get any of those objects into a little mouth.

And that's it.  A quick and easy to make toy using things from around the home that will keep the little one entertained for oh.. 15 minutes if you're lucky.  But I know that this is a toy that my little girl with keep coming back to, just so that she can discover something new inside.

Plus, the teacher side of me know that this is a good learning tool for discussing floating and sinking.  But I think that discussion with my daughter is a long way away.

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